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Scooter yyres, like tyres on any other vehicle, need to be maintained, repaired and occasionally replaced. Here you’ll find additional information on scooter tires as well as local companies and providers that may help you in your search.

Express Motor Parts Ltd
01935 872368
Station Yard

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National Tyres & Autocare
01305 263581
12-14 Kings Road

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Blandford Motor Factors
01258 455055
23 Victoria Road
Blandford Forum

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Bathwick Tyres
01305 788556
2 Cambridge Road

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Dorset Discounts Tyres & Batteries
01305 889990

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Partco Autoparts Ltd
01305 760666
1 Kent Close

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Friction Linings Ltd
01305 786666
2 Kent Close

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Bridport Tyre Specialists
01308 421737
Unit 9 East Road

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01305 259922
Unit 1 2 Jonson Trading Park

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Ats Euromaster
01305 264756
Unit 4 Great Western Industrial Centre

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Continental Conti Twist

Well, 10,000 kms down on the mighty Suzuki UZ125 and the factory fitted Dunlop rear tyre finally gave up the ghost. This gave us the perfect oportunity to test out something new and exciting... well some new rubber.

I never had any real problem with the original tyres, however when Derbi (our local Conti importer) sent out a Twist for the rear I was VERY impressed. You see it is easy to be happy when there is no comparison available. So I had the Continental fitted up and gave it a few hours of gentle riding to clean off any untoward slippery stuff (there wasn't any, the tyre was excellent from the minute it went on) and get the tyre worn in a bit.

Long story short I was instantly comfortable with the level of grip, to the point where I was using the entire width of the tyre almost instantly. Lean angle is progressive and confidence inspiring and the level of grip is incredibly good, at no point did I even worry about the possiblility of the rear letting go.

The wet weather grip is also admirable, I don't like to push the bike on the road in the wet but in normal day to day riding with a slippery road the tyre felt plenty stable which is a fantastic with the Auckland winter advancing at high speed.

So if you are needing a serious road tyre for your scooter, just go buy a twist, they really are that good!

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Continental Conti Twist

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Reviewed by Del Fuego
March 25, 2009
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Pros: Good tire with the right amount of grip.

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