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One disadvantage to riding a scooter is that it leaves the rider open to the elements, but roof attachments have solved this problem. Read through the following articles to learn more about scooter roofs and find local companies and providers who can help you find what you’re looking for.

Bill Smith
01244 323845
30-36 Tarvin Road,Boughton
Bikezone Crewe Ltd
01270 500040
82 West Street
Bill Smith Motors Ltd (Chester)
01244 323845
Aprilia Merseyside
0151 637 2225
100 Rake Lane
Road And Racing Motorcycles
0161 3665167
Clark Way
Marriott Motorcycles Ltd
0151 653 8704
72 - 76 Oxton Road
Chelford Farm Supplies Ltd
01625 861588
Single Tracker
01270 212965
20-26 Flag Lane
Howard And Son
(161) 480-3825
34 Newbridge Lane
Crewe Honda Centre
146 West Street

Malaguti Scooter Roof

Thursday, 19 November 2009 22:41 &

Well Malaguti has had a somewhat complicated recent history but they have recently shown what I consider to be a damned good idea. Now I personally don't "dig" scooters or bikes with roofs... however, there is a huge benefit to the idea i.e. not getting rained on incessantly over the winter. So what have Malaguti come up with to sway me?

Simple, so simple I am surprised it isn't a more common accessory, a roof that you can bolt on! I told you it was simple, it is for the worst name scooter on earth (yes worse than BeeWee) the Blog in both 125 and 160cc varieties. It simply attaches via the windscreen screws and the rear luggage rack. So bolt it on for winter and throw it in the garage for the sunny summer. There is even a "simple" to attach windscreen wiper and switch setup for the torrential days. Good idea... come on other manufacturers keep up.

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